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Emergency Heating Repair Jackson - FAQs

Top 10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring 
a Commercial HVAC Contractor

There are more HVAC contractors today than ever before. It is possible to end up making these mistakes while trying to hire a commercial HVAC contractor. Here are Top 10 costly Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Commercial HVAC contractor.

Emergency Heating Repair Jackson

Look for a commercial contractor only
Some of these companies specialize in commercial services while others focus on residential clients. Only a few of them offer heating services whereas others tend to specialize only in air conditioning assistance.

Not checking licenses and qualifications
Make sure that the company has technicians with proper qualifications and training to set up and service commercial HVAC systems. The company professionals should be regulated by the TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority), and have all the licensing that is required.

Not looking for insurance
They should also come with WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) insurance. Do not just assume that the technicians are insured.

Emergency Heating Repair Jackson

Not ensuring the labor warranty

While deciding on a contractor, look at the fine print and check how long the warranty on labor is valid. Even anything as basic as a leak in the model can make the cost go up for you in case it occurs many times without any fault on your part. Call Emergency Heating Repair Jackson for assured service!

Not checking whether there is a maintenance contract

If you do not have a maintenance contract, it might ultimately drive the costs up for you. Without such an agreement, it will be impossible for you to discover how frequently your HVAC unit is meant to be serviced, the scope of services to be offered and the cost of the same. It can also keep your HVAC system protected and also make it last longer.

Not conducting a research on the systems being installed

Do not simply trust your contractor to get the best HVAC system for you, as you should first conduct research on the system that you plan to install. Those from bigger brands are more reliable and offer the promise of a better performance.

Emergency Heating Repair Jackson

Going for the cheapest option
Never choose a contractor just because he has the cheapest rates. Although you can save money in this way, you should remember that experience counts a lot in the quality of services that you can get.

Going for verbal estimates
No reputed contractor offers a final bid on the phone. Although they might be able to offer you a rough estimate, you can be assured of a full scale inspection only with an actual, written proposal. This will let you understand your needs and be assured of the quality of the equipment that you require. Once you get the estimate in a written format, you can get insight to repayment schedule and the time needed for the services to be offered. You can get an idea about the expenses that you can expect.

Ensuring proper training
Training from a proper school and years of experience can ensure that the technicians are knowledgeable about handling your HVAC system.

Not looking for a commercial contractor during installation itself
When a new HVAC system is set up, you might feel that you do not have to worry about anything. However, this is not the case always.

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